Caroline Brown – Life Coach, Writer, Facilitation and Graphic Recorder

I believe we all have our own unique gifts and talents which are meant to be used somewhere in the world that needs them.

Many people get stuck in jobs they hate and don’t have clarity about what their gifts are and how they could be used and developed into their career which essentially is their life purpose.

It took me many years to define what I was meant to do and I continue to work on this.  However the thing I love to do, and I am passionate about, is to help you define your gifts and discover where they are needed. That way, you get satisfaction from your work and others benefit from it at the same time. Welcome to Heart and Soul Training, Consultancy and Facilitation!

I live in Bishopbriggs where my husband Pat and I brought up our two children, Simon and Clare. We all have life challenges which can make or break us. One of my biggest challenges was losing Pat in 2014. We were together for 25 years and he was simply the best person I knew.

I also lost my mum, my dad and one of my dearest friends in the space of three years. Going through these experiences taught me that we need to live life to its fullest.


As a result of almost 40 years working in social care and managing person-centred and learning disability services coupled with caring for both parents who lived with and died from dementia, my professional and personal work evolved into a passion.

I hope you find something here that will be of benefit to you and/or the teams you work with to encourage peoples’ voices to be heard and, as a result, live a more fulfilled life.

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